Little Lambs- INFANTS

Our Little Lambs classroom provides a safe and healthy learning environment while basing our day around your child’s needs. We provide primary care and each infant is always held during feeding time. New moms are always welcome to come in for breastfeeding and quality bonding time with their child. Your child’s day is filled with interaction and personal attention with words, songs and play to ensure they thrive.

Ducklings- TODDLERS

All children are taught in a way that lets them know they are valuable human beings. The Creative Curriculum allows each child to learn through play as well as helping them reach their developmental potential. Your child’s day consists of many indoor and outdoor play experiences to practice their gross motor skills; individual and group art which enhances their fine motor skills. The Ducklings maintain a flexible schedule based on the developmental abilities and needs of each child.

Crickets- TODDLER II

Our days in the Cricket Room are filled with fun activities such as outdoor and indoor play, nature walks, crafts and circle time. Your child’s love of reading is developed through our daily reading time. Potty training will start with child-sized toilets and low sinks for hand washing. The teachers are actively engaged and take part in verbal play while taking turns with conversation to help children use language. In this class, your children are learning to use communication to solve problems. Children learn through play and play is their work, it encourages the development of their imagination, develops motor skills while teaching self expression.

Stepping Up PRE-SCHOOL I​

This age is an exciting stage of growth for children. Teachers plan daily activities to begin to prepare the children for academics that are age appropriate to stimulate cognitive, social, and personal growth as they explore the world through their senses. Children are learning from the time they enter our school until they leave. Throughout the day, children interact with their peers and teachers in small and large groups. They have the opportunity to learn and discover in our developmentally appropriate learning centers, as well as outside on our age-appropriate playgrounds.


Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is designed with hands-on activities. Children learn math, science, vocabulary and social skills. Everything your child learns each day is reinforced and extended throughout the year to prepare him or her for school. Our child-centered approach ensures that children are exposed to a diverse array of learning activities and that they thrive in all areas of child development and creative thinking. Our Pre-Kindergarten program prepares and builds the confidence of the children entering kindergarten.

Summer Program

Our Summer Program is always exciting at Great Beginnings Academy. Two months of fun filled themes. Our program offers indoor and outdoor activities, plus opportunities for fun, friendships, and exploration. Our teachers work collaboratively to develop a fun curriculum that takes advantage of all that the summer offers. Our playgrounds are used for water play; we have special visitors to reflect our themes, nature experiences, arts and crafts and more. Summer also includes our signature favorite…our annual fire truck hose down. Come and join the fun!